Festival curry


Just before I went to Shambala festival a couple of weeks ago I popped into Manic Organic (an organic farm shop in Southport) and they had graffiti cauliflowers that were PURPLE or ORANGE …. they were beautiful!!! Im never surprised by what grows naturally, that we very rarely see anymore but one friend of mine asked me if I’d put food dye on it (I won’t mention names). So I set myself the task of making the most colourful curry/ mixed veg in sauce dish I could, to take to the festival with us.

-remember as with all my recipes you can play with them and change them as much as you like and Im sure the food will still be ok at the very least… this is just a basis… I really want to encourage you to get creative and not stick to the rules… this is how you learn. For curry I use whatever veg I have in with other bits


Purple cauliflower

Orange carrots

Green broccili

Red tomatoes

White potatoes

Creamed coconut (you can also use tinned coconut milk for a more watery sauce)

Tin/ carton of chopped tomatoes (or your own)

Cumin, coriander- fresh and/or ground, tumeric, tamari soy, mixed herbs (whatever takes your fancy- smell, taste and experiment)


Put brown rice on to boil if you are serving with rice

Add chopped potatoes to a pan of boiling water and simmer until soft

Chop all other vegetables

Drip some oil into a wok and head… add carrots, cauliflower and broccili to the wok


Once veg has started to soften add tomatoes

colourful veg 🙂

Keep checking potatoes for texture… once they are quit soft, drain and add to wok

Chop creamed coconut (about 1/3 packet – you can always add more)

Add chunks of coconut and chopped tomatoes

Add a couple of teaspoon of cumin and coriander

Add one teaspoon of tumeric

Add a shake of salt and a splash of tamari

Shake in some mixed herds

Taste test… if the food is too sour or salty balance it with something sweet… maybe a small scoop of honey or a banana!!! 😉


I also like adding nuts and seeds or raisins to curry


Get cooking

Peace, love and happiness





These little treats can be made in SO many ways and again is a recipe that will never quite be the same twice and you can adapt it to suit what you like/ need/ have in the cupboard. We’ve started selling them at festivals and people seems to love them… I’ve also tried many, many variations that other people have made (usually at festivals too- bloody hippy food) so I’ll try to include the best ideas I’ve come across in the list of possibilities.

As a base:

Dried Fruit- Dates and/or raisons (I haven’t tried many others yet)

– raisins are a lot sweeter so if you fancy a really sweet nibble try using just raisins… I like to use both but sometimes just make one or the other if its all I have.

Next you need:

oats or seeds or both

-I used to use oats and add just a few seeds but Im trying to cut back on my oat consumption (cosa the gluten) and some friends can’t eat oats either SO you can use just seeds… a mixture of different seeds works best… hemp, sunflower, seasame etc

Cocoa powder or nibs


Banana (only use half for half a jug of dried fruit as bananas add a lot of moisture and will mean you need more oats/ seeds- they also don’t last as long so need eating within a day or 2)

Fresh berries (just a few)



More seeds

other fruit – berries (if your going to eat them the same day)




Start by putting the dried fruit in a jug (fill to about half way) and adding enough boiling water to cover them all

After 5mins drain water

Using a blender… blend all the fruit into a mush (if you are adding anything else that is quite wet- banana, honey, guarana… add it now)

Add oats and/ or seeds and continue blending (keep adding and blending until the texture of the mixture is sticky enough to mold into balls)

Add one or two teaspoons of cocoa powder or a few nibs and continue blending

Add anything else you fancy (nuts, more seeds etc) and blend

Taste test

Roll chunks into balls in the palm of your hand (will make varying quantities depending on the size of your balls 😛 )

Place on a plate to put in the fridge or roll in coconut or small seeds

Leave them in the fridge to get a bit more solid

Serve or eat every time you gaze into the fridge

Let me know your favorite types

ॐ shanti…. have a peaceful, joyous, smiley day

Amy xxx

Ginger, coconut and almond cake


wheat free, sugar free, almost vegan (except for honey) and yummy

With cakes (and everything else really) I generally throw in whatever I have in the cupboards in differing quantities every time… so I never eat the same things twice and so I will never really give measurements. I never use dairy, eggs or sugar and find that dates or other dried fruit are the best way of making things sweet but today I tried something a bit different.


Wheat free flour

Desicated coconut

Fresh ginger




splash of oil (I used Sunflower)


Pre-heat oven

Mix flour and cococut- about the same amount of both and add water to make a thick doughy texture

Grate a chunk of ginger into mixture. Chop up almonds and add them


Add a couple of spoon fulls of honey

Splash in a little bit of oil

Oil the bottom of a baking tray/ dish and add the mixture (might be nice to pour a little honey on top as well 😉 )

Cook on the middle shelf of the oven around gas mark 7… check every so often until the top is lightly tanned

Makes quite a moist, warming cake :)… great because I miss ginger biscuits since I stopped eating wheat, one of my all time favorite munchies, so much so that I remember my friend Kimberley Price carrying 2 emergency packets in her bag for us to nights out on numerous occasions (Samantha Lockwood I can join you in gingering again)

Simple Veg Pie


Sunday afternoon, can’t be bothered to make a roast, something a bit simpler….

You will need:


Carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, peas (or any veg you have in)

Boulillon (or other Veg stock)


Boil Potatoes in a pan

Separately boil carrots, adding broccoli and peas for the last few minutes

Pre-heat oven for a while before veg is soft

When potatoes are soft enough (when u can easily poke a fork through them), drain and mash

(I also add a tiny bit of oil as I don’t eat butter)

Drain veg and along with mushrooms, put them in a baking dish

Mix a few teaspoons (as instructed on packet) or more of veg stock to water and pour the gravy over veg

Spread mash evenly on top

Oven bake on middle shelf for 10minutes or until the top of the mash has little tanned bits

Allow to cool for a few minutes as it will be roasting 😉


I really enjoy this dish but it is a little bit salty when made with Boulillon


(wheat free) Chickpea flour pizza


Myself and some friends have made these for girly gatherings before as we have vegans, veggies, coeliacs and carnivores… they can be tailored to please everyone 🙂 Iv also made them for nights in with my boyfriend, they go down well and are really fun for us to cook together and get creative with ❤

You will need:

gram flour*


oil (I use rapeseed)

pizza toppings of your choice; I tend to use chopped tomatoes, vegan pesto, and grilled veg, then tofu is great in little chunks on top or cheese

(*Gram flour is made from chickpeas… its a key ingredient in lots of India dishes but it also has a great use for healthy little pizzas)

My method:

Fill half a cup with gram flour and add water slowly stirring with a fork as you go (usually makes about 4 so use more gram flour if you want loads)

add a splish of oil

once the mixture is of pancake texture its best to leave it a while (15mins) to rest but sometimes Im too impatient/ hungry and it still works ok

heat some oil l in a frying pan (or the round bit at the bottom of most woks)

pour in a some mixture and shape as you please (circles for authentic looking pizza of course)

-its best to have a thin layer to make quite a crispy pizza I find, but have a bit of an experiment with different shapes and sizes the first time you try making them

flip occasionally until both sides are starting to look a little tanned

remove from pan and lay to rest while you make some more

add toppings and put under the grill for a couple of minutes



munch it all yourself or make loads for nibbles with friends


tips: Sometimes Iv been able to pick them up to eat like a ‘normal’ pizza and sometimes I’ve had to use a knife and fork if they are a bit to floppy… they key seems to be putting a bit of oil in the pancake like mixture and not making them too thick… I also used to put the toppings straight on and straight under the grill, still in the frying pan… its definitely better to let them sit for a while before you put them in the grill to dry out abit.



My intension here is to share recipes and nommy ideas I come across/ come up with/ things that happen when I start cooking. Since I don’t eat meat, wheat (gluten), eggs, dairy, E numbers, chemicals (to name a few) and have gradually been purifying my diet more and more I tend to experiment with food quite a lot and guess there must be other people out there who struggle with what to eat on a limited diet or who would just like some inspiration for wholesome, nutritious, ethical food that tastes GREAT >_<

As food is the source of life and yoga is a life practice the link when on a spiritual path is inevitable. Food for me is a part of my yoga practice. I see and feel the connection between the food I eat and the mind, body and soul. It is after all what we are made of and I for one do not want to be made of chemicals and distressed animals. (I won’t rant :/ I promise).

Thats all for now


Let me know how you get on with any recipes you try or share your own with me and I will add them!  I guess this will be a work on progress as my force field tends to break computers :/

Om shanti

Love, light and happiness

Amy x